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The basic purpose of this Postgraduate Studies is to provide the corresponding research training for developing a Doctoral thesis on teaching and learning of sciences. Given the close relationship that exists between research and innovation in Teaching of Sciences, these studies are, also, a privileged way of teaching improvement, which provide tools for analysis and the renewal of teaching.

The main goal is to contribute to the construction of a coherent body of knowledge about the problems raised by scientific education. The reality of school failure, of the negative attitudes of students, of the teaching staff frustration, as well as the research advances, the development of new technologies and the great challenges which the education of 21th century is facing show the need of rigorous researches and of supported innovations duly controlled. Our aim is to contribute to this general goal by promoting researches around the key aspects of the learning/teaching process of sciences, the training of teaching staff and of the non-formal scientific education (museums, media..), while at the same time new researchers are trained.

In short, besides the acquisition of the competencies mentioned in the degree, the general goals of the specialisation, among others, are:

To train researchers in Teaching of Experimental Sciences, providing updated tools of the main research fields of the area, which allow them to deal and to develop research projects relevant for the improvement of the learning-teaching process of sciences, encouraging, thus, their involvement and permanent ability for research in the teaching of sciences.

With the immersion in the culture of research that these studies suppose it is aimed the incorporation of students into the research community facilitating thus their connection with research teams.

Specialisation in Experimental Sciences Teaching of the Master’s Degree in Research in Specific Didactics.

The general goal is the introduction to research training in this area of knowledge, through the study of the main lines of research, its basis and relevance in the specific field of knowledge.

Specialisation in Experimental Sciences Teaching of the Doctoral Programme in Research in Specific Didactics.

It is aimed to deepen in the research training in the area, with the development of the Doctoral Thesis, within the framework of the Doctoral School of the University of Valencia.