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The teaching staff of the specialisation in Experimental Sciences, as well as the connection of their members with the teaching of scientific subjects and with the training of the teaching staff are allowing the promotion and the development of very diverse researches on conceptual, procedural, and axiological dimensions of the scientific education, both formal and non-formal.

As can be seen in the corresponding section, most of the research lines are being developed, for some time now, by the the professors involved in the area are considered of first importance by the international community of teaching of sciences, as reflected, for example in the different handbooks published. These are directly related research lines, which are contributing to the development of a coherent body of knowledge of the Experimental sciences Teaching.

The subjects of the specialisation of Experimental Sciences Teaching of the Master’s Degree in Research in Specific Didactics are taught by doctors specialists in this area, members of the Department of Experimental sciences Teaching of the University of Valencia

The Doctoral Thesis are supervised preferably by doctors of the Department involved. Doctoral theses also can be supervised by doctors specialised in Experimental sciences Teaching from other Spanish or foreign universities, which meet the requirements set by current regulations.

The doctoral staff of the Department of Experimental and Social sciences Teaching, who are performing teaching and research activities in the Master’s in Research and/or the Doctoral Programme are the following.