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  1. Instructions for the request
  2. Documentation to be submitted
  3. Resolution
  4. Notification and publication
  5. Claim term
  6. Enrolment

1. Instructions for the Request 

Applicants holding the general admission requirements and the specific admission requirements of the Doctoral Program can do the pre-registration request for Doctoral Studies Programme.
Pre-registration request must be done through the on-line form accessible in the tab Online Application from 15th April 2019.
Students can do only one application, in which they will be able to choose a maximum of three options among the different Doctoral Programmes.
Students who will complete the studies required to be eligible for admission to a doctoral programme during the current academic year may pre-enrol even if they have not completed such studies at the time of submitting their application. Successful applicants may be admitted and enrol conditionally subject to compliance with the requirements before 30 November at 11.59 p.m. Failure to provide evidence of compliance of admission requirements within the deadline set will result in their enrolment being automatically cancelled.

2. Documentation

Documents must be submitted in digital format, in the pre-registration application. The student is responsible of authenticity of the provided documents.
Original copies are not requested, except in the case that there are doubts about their authenticity. In this case, the University will ask to the student the presentation of evidence  by the comparison of the copies or, if it is opportune, the original documents.
The documents which must be attached in the application are:

a) Photocopy of the ID (Spanish citizens) NIE (residents in Spain) or Passport (foreign citizens).

b) Official University Degree (as the case may be)

  •  Degree and master’s degree  certificates (Article 6.1 Royal Decree 99/2011)
  • Licenciado qualification (former Spanish undergraduate degree) (Governing Council agreement 24/06/2014)
  • Diploma de Estudios Avanzados (Tertiary Education Diploma) obtained according to the provisions of the Royal Decree 77/1998, 30 April, or to have reached the research proficiency regulated by the Royal Decree 185/1985, 23 January.
  • Certificate of a Positive Assessment in 2 courses for specific health training.
  • Former Doctoral certificates according to former regulations (Former Doctoral programme certification).

In the case of foreing studies approved by the Spanish Ministerio de Educación, the copy of the credential of homologation of the foreign degree must be attached to the application.

In the case of foreing studies non approved by the Spanish Ministerio de Educación, the certificate must be legalised or apostilled, and with its official translation (see Admission Requirements for Foreing Graduates). In this case, the student must pay an administrative fee of 155,22 euros for the study of equivalence and the corresponding resolution. If the student had obtained a resolution of equivalence in precedent years regarding the same studies, he/she will have to attach it to the application, in order to get the exemption to pay the administrative fee.

c) Official Academic Certificate. Certificate which corresponds to the master’s degree, degree or llicenciatura depending on the case.

Foreing students must subtmit the official transcript or records legalised or apostilled and, if it is the case, with the official translation. Other hand, they must submit the document with the average grade  calculated according the procedure established by the Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte in this link.

More information about the procedure here.

If the student provides the official university dregree but not the academic certificate with averagre grade and its conversion, the average grade which will be taken into account is a 5 (pass) in a scale from 0 to 10.

d) Doctoral programme Specific Documentation (languages knowledge, etc).

e) Justification of part-time dedication (work justification, family obligations...): if the chosen dedication is full-time, the student must not submit any document.

f) Motivation letter

g) Other documents 


3. Resolution

Once the deadline for submitting the pre-registration application forms have finished, the Academic Phd Committee (Cad) of each Phd’s will evaluate the application forms according to the entry criteria of each Phd’s.

The places offered will be allocated according to the result of the evaluation of the pre-registration application form and of the priority order indicated by the student in the application form.

4.- Notification and publication

The resolution of the pre-registration procedure will be announced to students through the electronic site “my personal site”, on 22nd October 2019. The announcement will be notified by an email sent to the email address indicated on the pre-registration application form.

Each student may only be admitted in a single Phd, and they might be in the waiting lists of different degrees.

The resolution will be also published at the webpage of the Doctoral School and at the Official Board of Universitat de València.

5.- Claim Term


After the notification and publication of the results on 22nd October 2019, applicants will have from 23rd to 24th of October for claiming to the corresponding CAD. The complaint together with the additional documentation that you will deemed pertinent it should be submitted or sent to the offices of the Doctoral School.

6.- Enrolment

Only the students who are “admitted”  may enrol in the established deadline. You can check the enrolment process here.



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