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Students represent the largest group of the university community. Student status at the University of Valencia is obtained by being enrolled in some of its departments or faculties. Through student assemblies (group, faculty/school and University), all students may take part in decisions taken by departments, faculties, schools or University bodies. 
According to Article 179 of the University Statutes, the highest representative body for students of a faculty/school is the Assembly of Representatives (ADR).
The ADR is made up by:
- Student representatives elected for one year by each first and second cycle group and PhD students.
- Faculty representatives elected by students.
- Representatives elected as members of the faculty board.
Any student may become part of the ADR and even form their own group, independent or not from other faculties. In order to do this it is necessary to have a list of at least 15 students enrolled in the faculty and run for the Faculty Board or Senate elections or run for a personal title in departmental elections. The faculty awards a small subsidy for electoral "mini campaigns". Currently, students belong to the following group: Assembly of Student Representatives of the Faculty of Geography and History (AEFGH).
The aim of ADR is to encourage and manage student cultural activities, address issues or concerns that may arise throughout the year and act as interlocutors between students and the decanal team.
To contact ADR: