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The Degree Committee organises teaching and guarantees the academic coherence of the degree programme.
The functions of the Degree Committee are:

  1. To devise the organisation of the academic year, taking into account the criteria established by the Board of the Governors and the proposals from the departments.
  2. To coordinate and supervise the teaching programmes of the departments involved.
  3. To prepare and issue the necessary orientative and informative documents for students for the curricular itineraries, elective subjects and free-choice subjects.
  4. To devise the proposal for timetables and the assignation of spaces.



Name Category Department Contact
García Carrión, Marta Presidenta Representative Permanent Commission

Lacasta Calvo, Joaquín V.

PAS Administration Representative Permanent Commission
Baldó Lacomba, Marc PDI Representation

Coordinador de Título

Representative Permanent Commission

Lomas Cortés, Manuel

PDI Representation

Modern History

Coordinador 1er curso

Gómez Cruselles, Enrique

PDI Representation Coordinador 2do curso

Orozco Köhler, Teresa

PDI Representation Coordinador 3er curso

Mateo Donet, Mª Amparo

PDI Representation Coordinador 4t curso

Mata Parreño, Consuelo

PDI Representation Prehistòria i Arqueologia
García  Puchol, M. Oreto PDI Representation


Representative Permanent Commission

Mandingorra LLavata, Mª Luz

Substitute: Pons Alós,  Vicent

PDI Representation Ciències i tècniques historiogràfiques

Ledo Caballero, Antonio

Substitute: Requena Jiménez, Miquel

PDI Representation History of Antiquity and Written Culture

Mira Jodar, Antonio José

Suplente: Narbona Vizcaino, Rafael     

PDI Representation

Medieval History

Representative Permanent Commission

Sanz Hoya, Julian

Substitute: Alcazar Garrido, Joan

PDI Representation Contemporary History

García Mahiques, Rafael

PDI Representation Art History

Pérez Cueva, Alejandro

PDI Representation Geography
Maraguat Idarraga, Edgar PDI Representation Fhilosophy (Dpt. Metaphysics and Theory of Knowledge)
Miralles Jori, Eulalia PDI Representation


Departamento Filología Catalana
Barber i Ferri, Emili Student Representation

Caselles Herrero, María

Student Representation

Guinart Perea, Rafael

Student Representation

Vercher Díaz, Miriam

Student Representation