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The Degree Committee organises teaching and guarantees the academic coherence of the degree programme.
The functions of the Degree Committee are:

  1. To devise the organisation of the academic year, taking into account the criteria established by the Board of the Governors and the proposals from the departments.
  2. To coordinate and supervise the teaching programmes of the departments involved.
  3. To prepare and issue the necessary orientative and informative documents for students for the curricular itineraries, elective subjects and free-choice subjects.
  4. To devise the proposal for timetables and the assignation of spaces.




Category Name Contac


Representative Permanent Commission

Marta García Carrión


Representative Permanent Commission

Joaquín V.Lacasta Calvo

Coordinador de título

Representative Permanent Commission

José Vicente Boscá Codina

Coordinador de 1er. curso

Gregorio González Alcaide

Coordinador de 2º. curso

Representative Permanent Commission

Adolfo Alonso Arroyo

Coordinador de 3º. curso

Representative Permanent Commission

Ramón V. Cirilo Gimeno

Coordinador de 4º. curso

Vicente Pons Alos          
Ciències i Tècniques Historiogràfiques     

Josepa Cortés Escrivá

Dret Processal i Administratiu

Gabriel Domenech Pascual

Suplente: Beatriz Belando

Direcció d'Empreses Tomás García Perdiguero
Estadística i Investigació Operativa José Manuel Belenguer Ribera
Psicologia Bàsica

Mauricio Chisvert Perales

M. José Monteagudo


Representative Permanent Commission

Ester Blasco Rubio
Estudiante Javier Ortizá Palomares


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