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Aids to promote staff mobility with the aim of encouraging specialized training and promote the development and cooperation as well as encourage the relations between the University of Valencia and universities of the countries that have signed and in force a collaboration agreement.

The grants cover the travel expenses of the staff of the University of Valencia and the accomodations expenses of the guests staying at the Colegio Mayor Rector Peset.

Universities agreements list by country


Call for proposals for financing staff mobility based on the existence of framework agreements between the University of Valencia and other foreign higher education cooperation institutions 2021.

1. Aplication:

Applications period is from july 14th until november 2nd, 2021, or or until the exhaustion of the budget credit.

The application and documentation will be submitted through the online office of the University of Valencia:

The following documentation must be attached with the application:

Modality 1 - Travel:

  • Invitation letter signed and stamped by the destination University with the proposal of the teaching activity to be carried out during the stay.

The requests presented by the Administration and Services Personnel must be accompanied by a detailed report that relates said tasks to their job position.

Modality 2 - Stays:

  • Annex II - Invitation letter from the UV applicant indicating the proposal for the teaching activity to be carried out during the stay, the dates and the approval of the Department / Service / Institute
  • Copy of the passport of the invited person.
  • Letter or document certifying the contractual relationship of the invited beneficiary with the University of origin.

2. Conditions:

Modality 1 - Travel

The aid subsidises only the actual air travel cost from Valencia to the city of destination by regular tourist class airlines. The applicant will purchase and pay for the air ticket themselves. The maximum amount of aid to be granted is €1500.

Modality 2 - Stays:

The grants for stays by beneficiary guests subsidise exclusively accommodation and board at a university hall of residence for a maximum of one month. The booking of accommodation and meals corresponds to the staff of the UV applying for the grant.

The grant does not include any type of insurance, so it is the responsibility of the beneficiary guest to have medical care and repatriation insurance.

3. Justification:

Within 15 days of the end of the trip, the following documentation must be sent by email to or by internal mail to the International Relations and Cooperation Service (Palau de Cerveró):

Modality 1 - Travel:

  1. Annex III – Justification of the travel modality grant, including authorisation from the Department/Institute. In the event that the trip includes other expenses that are managed by the Department/Institute, these must be included in this form.
  2. Tickets or boarding passes of the journey made.
  3. Proof of payment of the flight ticket: invoice or receipt.
  4. Annex IV - Final report of the activities carried out during the trip.
  5. Certificate of attendance with dates issued by the head of the host University.

Modality 2 -  Stays:

  • Annex V - Final report of the activities carried out in the stay modality. It must be completed and sent by the lecturer responsible at the Universitat de València to

The Colegio Mayor will send the charge for the stay of the visiting professor directly to the International Relations and Cooperation Service.