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  1. Temporality and pace to enrol
  2. How can I get enrolled?
  3. Documentation to be attached
  4. Enrolment fee
  5. Payment of the fee
  6. Aid manual

1. Date and place of enrolment

In order to improve the organisations of the enrolment process, those admitted students have been appointed a specific day and time that you will be able to check through the Student’s Portal from the 19 of July (from 14 hours).

In order to check the order for the students’ appointment in Degrees, you can check the Enrolment Regulation of the University for the Degrees.

The ordinary period to complete your enrolment is from the 21 to 30 July.

2. How can I get enrolled?

The enrolment will be formalised through the computer application of self-enrolment of the Students’ Portal, that allows you to carry out all the administrative procedures of the current academic year.

Before attending to the appointment, you must check the timetables of the subjects in the web page of the centre so as to plan ahead your preference. Moreover, taking into account that groups have a limited capacity you you might be left out in any subject, so you should have a planned alternative.

It is advisable to get familiarised with this application before starting the enrolment process. A multimedia presentation is available through this link, in order to do so.

Once the enrolment is completed, from the Students’ Portal you can check the information of you enrolment and you can make posterior changes.

You have to enrol from all the pending subjects although you are in the waiting for the final qualification; in case you pass these subjects, they will be deleted from your enrolment.

Remember that you have to enrol from at least a minimum number of credits depending on the type of enrolment you opt for: part-time or full-time.

3. Documentation to be attached.

You have to bring the following documentation to the Office of the secretary:

  • Bank account details in where the amount of the fees has to be debited (only if it has changed with regard to the previous year)

Or if you are in any of these circumstances:

  • Large family members: certification in force (only students outside the Valencian Community)
  • Proof of terrorism victims status
  • People with disability: only for students outside the Valencian Community

4. Enrolment fee

The enrolment fee is calculated according to the number of credits that students are enrolled in and their price. The amount of the public fees are regulated every year with a decree of the Valencian Government which is published in the DOCV for the corresponding academic year.

If you want to check the public fees for the academic year 2023/2024.

The concepts you pay in the enrolment are:

  • Enrolled credits:
  • Compulsory academic insurance for students under 28.
  • University card

5. Fee payment

The enrolment is paid through direct debiting in any bank located in Spain. There are three methods of payment:

  1. Direct debiting in an only payment.
  2. Direct debiting in two payments.
  3. Fractioned payment in eight monthly payments: in this payment type the UV assumes the expenses generated for this fractioning.

In case you have been denied a grant, the cost of the fee will be made effective through a charge in the account number indicated in only one payment.

You should take into account the due limits that will be published to avoid the cancelling of the enrolment due to non-payment. 

6. Aid manual

Self-Enrolment. Aid Manual