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The documentation will be delivered from September 6, 2021 electronically through the following link:

Si necesitas ayuda para subir los documentos asociados a la matrícula puedes clicar en el siguiente enlace: https://links.uv.es/GUblO8D

Basic Documents

  • Bank account number for direct debit payment of tuition fees.

Documentation certifying university admission

  • PAU: PAU qualifications and upper secondary school degree certificate or proof of it.
  • CFGS: Advanced vocational training certificate or proof of it and official transcript.
  • Foreign students: Certificate proving credentials for university admission issued by UNED and PAU qualifications (EU students) or validation of upper secondary school and PAU qualifications (non-EU students).
  • University graduates: university degree certificate or proof of it.
  • Students over 25, 40 and 45: certificate of having passed the university entrance examinations.
  • Students from a university outside the Valencian Community: must provide proof of payment of transfer rights.

Proof of special situations for admission

  • Recognition of the degree of disability (only for students who come from outside the Valencian Community).
  • Photocopy of the Official State Gazette (BOE) regarding the status of elite or high-level athletes.

Proof of entitlement to a tuition fee waiver

  • Members of families with three or more children: updated certificate.
  • Terrorist victims: proof of status.
  • Persons with disabilities: only for students coming from outside the Valencian Community.
  • Distinction with Honours in the 2nd year of Bachillerato (last year of upper secondary school) or with Bachillerato Special Award: certificate from the school.
  • Gender violence victims: proof of status.

Students in the second year and above

You have to submit the documents during enrolment at the faculty administration office if you are in any of these situations that entitle you to an exemption:

  • Bank account number for direct debit payment of tuition fees, in case of you have not presented it previously or the number of the bank account has changed.

  • Member of a family with more than three children: updated certificate

  • Terrorist victims: proof of this situation.
  • Persons with a disability: proof of this condition.
  • Gender violence victims: proof of status.

Required documentation to the realisation of student practices with underage people.