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Enrolment cancellation is only applied at the request of students in “force majeure” cases, which make the continuation of the studies in the relevant academic year impossible.

According to the enrolment regulations “force majeure” refers to:

  1. Sickness
  2. Work or causes of professional nature.
  3. Economic loss of the household.
  4. Any other cause comparable to the mentioned above.

The request for “force majeure cancellation can be:

  1. Full cancellation 
  2. Partial cancellation

In the case of partial cancellations, the resulting enrolment should comply with the minimum enrolment required in the article 12 of the Enrolment Regulations, depending on whether the student is full-time (36 ECTS) or part-time (24 ECTS) enroled.

In both cases partial and full cancellation of enrolment, the cause alleged must have occurred unexpectedly after the enrolment date.


the application form should be submitted within the deadlines established in the calendar of academic management. For the students enroled in the Graduates Studies’s these are the deadlines for the academic year 2023-2024:

In the case of partial cancellations

  • Subjects of the first term, until Decembre 10, 2023.
  • Subjects of the second term and annuals: until May 1, 2024

In the case of full cancellations, until May 1, 2024.


The application forms should be submitted through the corresponding procedure enabled in the online site of the University of Valencia: http://entreu.uv.es

Once the application for full or partial enrolment cancellation has been submitted, the Office of the Secretary of the corresponding centre will check if this is completed appropriately and if it is accompanied by the supporting documents of the “force majeure” alleged for cancelling the enrolment. Otherwise, the student will be required to rectify the application form.

The processing of these academic records require a report by the Dean or the Director of the centre, which along with the supporting documentation of the “force majeure” cause is sent to the general committee of cancellations, which will propose the resolution.

The Office of the Vice-principal for Graduates Studies decides upon the enrolment cancellations.

Once the academic record is processed, the Student Service may notify the resolution to the student and to the corresponding centre, which will proceed to regularize the enrolment in the academic record of the student.

The refund of tuition fees only applies to the cases in which it is deemed an application form for full or partial cancellation of the enrolment submitted before the 31 December of the beginning of the academic year.