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  • The first rule and the most important one is to ALWAYS CHAIN YOUR BIKE. Even if it is just for half a second, a thief has more than enough time.
  • Buy the best chaining system that you can afford. Any of them would be as expensive as buying a new bike. Choose one that cannot be easily broken, as for example a U lock or, if you do not have one of those, those articulated locks that use chains with flat, treated steel links.
  • Secure the bike’s frame and both wheels to a fixed object.
  • Chain the bike placing the chaining system at a specific height, higher than 50 cm. It has been proved that the systems that are close to the floor or in contact with it are easier to break.
  • When you park, do not obstruct pedestrians’ walkway.
  • Park in an area with lots of people passing through and where everybody can easily see the bike. Even if that means that your bike is not in front of your door, it is worth it. Thieves do not like busy areas. Avoid alleys and hidden places.
  • Take off the accessories that may be easy to remove by a thief: clocks, air pumps, bags with tools, water bottles, etc.
  • At night, try not to leave the bike on the street. Take it home or talk with your neighbours so they allow you to keep it under the stairs or in the garage.
  • When you buy a bike, ask for a receipt with the information of the bike. In the event it has been stolen, having a document that proves the ownership is really useful.
  • Note down the serial number of the bike, which is usually under the pedals box. All bicycles have a serial number. It is important to write it down and keep it. This can help you to get it back if it is stolen.
  • Always report the theft of your bike. In addition to increasing the chances of getting it back, it is very important to report it so the police is aware of the problem of bikes thefts.
  • Never, never buy bicycles in the rastro (street market). They are stolen. The fact of buying them, makes us victims of our own behavior, apart from being illegal. You can find inexpensive bikes in any shop.


The circulation of vehicles is the main environmental problem: it is the most important generating agent for noise pollution and the first moving source of contaminating substances to the atmosphere. The University of Valencia, with 55,000 students and over 5,000 employees, generates an impact in this aspect.