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The use of paper in reprographics

In the contract for the reprographics, the use and promotion of recycled paper is valued. Therefore, they are obliged to print on this type of paper and double-sided if the customer does not indicate otherwise. If your reprography does not proceed in this way, it is in breach of the signed conditions, so you can remind them of their obligations and/or report the incident to

You can consult the specifications in this.pdf. Please note that it may vary in some details, although the double-sided and recycling requirement remains.

Paper consumed by the units of the University

The paper purchased by the Universitat itself for its own use is awarded centrally through adherence to the Framework Agreement for the supply of paper and office supplies to the Generalitat Valenciana, which establishes the environmental and quality requirements, which states that 100% recycled paper can be purchased, or in the case of virgin fibre paper, it must come from at least 50% sustainable forestry operations. In both cases, chlorine bleaching is prohibited.


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Why should we reduce paper consumption?

Every year, between 74,000 and 93,000 km2 of forest are deforested in the world, a size similar to that of Portugal. This means that every minute a field equivalent to 36 football fields is cut down.

In Spain we consume around 175 kilograms of paper per person per year, which is equivalent to almost 4 12-meter trees; in total, this means a paper consumption of over 6 million tons. We must therefore change our consumption patterns.

The pulp and paper industry is the 5th largest industrial sector in world energy consumption. During the production process, large amounts of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide or carbon monoxide are emitted, among other particles, which pollute the air and water.

How can you reduce your consumption?

- Minimize the number of prints you make.

- Choose double-sided printing

- Make them preferably on recycled paper or with some certification label, above are the logos of the main certificates, which should appear on the package of sheets.

- In the case of other products made of paper and cardboard such as envelopes, folders, subfolders, hanging folders, briefcases, briefcases, briefcases, lever and box files, sticky notes, dividers, notebooks, diaries, etc., the purchase of 100% recycled products can be a priority since they are easily found in the market.

- Recycle paper and cardboard when they are no longer useful.

 The benefits of using recycled paper are numerous. Among them we highlight: the saving of 30,000 litres of water per tonne of production, and the lower energy consumption since the production of recycled paper requires 27% less energy than the manufacture of paper from virgin fibres.

Protect the forests, save the planet