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Organisational chart and directory

Organisational chart Name Telephone E-mail
Director Esther Escolano Zamorano 96 398 3161
Head of Section Francisco González Martínez 96 398 3819
Management Technician Francisco  Domingo Biosca 96 398 3020
Management Technician José Carlos Izquierdo Manzanares ext. 51 067
Management Techinician Blanca Santiago Martín 96 386 4220
Head of Management Unit Ana María Ruíz Ortolá 96 398 3020
Head of Management Unit Teresa Barberá Serres ext. 51 237
Administrative Remedios Calvo Barrofet ext. 51 237
Administrative Gema Parra Rodrigo ext. 51 067
Administrative M. Carmen Molina Lorenzo ext.: 25595

UV email addresses are published exclusively for academic and administrative purposes. Using them for other reasons, in particular for commercial or massive emails (SPAM), is considered to go against to the principles of Art. 4 of the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, concerning the Protection of Personal Data, and its equivalent of the Directive 95/46/CE, and shall be brought to the attention of the authorities responsible for data protection.