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The Intern Control Office

Intern Control Office of the University of Valencia is a unit established to examine and evaluate the activities of the institution, as a service to improve management and to ensure that we meet the requirements of transparency, legality, effectiveness and efficiency in the use of the resources at our disposal. Its aim is therefore to provide a constructive service to the entire university community, assisting its members and identifying their strengths and areas for improvement, in order to contribute to the proper progress of management.
In this sense, and based on the strict financial control as the core of our audit activities, we have expanded into other areas of university management, beyond the financial management areas which were initially designed as fundamental. Today we are in charge, among others, of issues such as cost and income control, investment, assistance to recruitment boards and the reception of works and scientific equipment, control of fixed cash accounts, the management research projects, contract research, etc.
Our internal control comprises the main areas of management risk, and has proven successful with the task that an institution like the University of Valencia expects from our office, which is twofold: to ensure the legality and the good use of public funds, providing security to the governing team and the managers themselves, and to contribute to the quality of university management, adding value from our duties.
Furthermore, we believe that public auditors, in our time, must gradually introduce in their different actions an operational component that makes reference to the results and the fulfillment of the objectives from the perspective of effectiveness and efficiency. The Spanish Constitution, with its regulation on public agencies, demands it. Therefore, from the traditional core of our activities, we have gone a step further to carry out other activities falling full on audit effectiveness and efficiency, achieving a kind of audit that could qualify as comprehensive.