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Once each annual budget has been settled, this office evaluates the data corresponding to the budgetary management of all decentralised spending units of this University (Faculties, Research Institutes, Units, Services and Statutory Bodies).

So far we have presented the following budget execution reports in 2016:

Centres Date
School of Engineering 26/06/2017
Faculty of Pharmacy 13/07/2017
Faculty of  Mathematics 06/10/2017
Faculty of  Biological Sciences 27/07/2017
Faculty of  Psychogy 03/10/2017
Faculty of  Chemistry 23/06/2017
Faculty of Teacher Training 26/06/2017
Faculty of Law 22/06/2017
Faculty of Economics 11/07/2017
Faculty of Social Sciences 02/06/2017
Faculty of  Lanaguage Studies, Translation and Communication 02/10/2017
Faculty of  Medicine and Odontology 24/07/2017
Faculty of  Physics 06/10/2017
Faculty of  Nursing and Chiropody 18/07/2017
Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences 11/09/2017
Libraries and Documentation Service 14/09/2017

 The rest of the reports were sent by mail.

Updated Desember 2017