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It is understood as that which contains our evaluation activities of the level of compliance of the regulations and the relevant criteria in the management that is carried out within the most purely educative sphere, and that verifies its correctness, as well as the quality it offers to the user. We understand that the importance of the academic functions within the University deserves a monographical analysis, with specific actions that claim the use of specific procedures and work methodology in management control.In this sphere, we work in accordance with requests made by diverse Offices of the Vice Principals and services. Attending to its importance in the last annuities of validity of our Work Programme, we must highlight:

  • The offer control of the academic course carried out by diverse centres of this University.
  • Audit activities in the field of management of academic spaces.
  • Analysis of efficiency and effectiveness of the organisative processes in specific units, such as diverse services of the UVEG that have requested our intervention for the carrying out of tasks in the field of audit procedures