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 With this typology of reports, that surpasses in many aspects the questions of legality to go into the field of efficiency and the efficiency in management, we understand that we can provide to the competent organs in these areas clear indicators concerning the quality of management.
In this sense, we annually carry out an evaluation referred to the compliance costs and the periods of undertaking the works that we receive during the annualities immediately prior to the issuing of each one of the reports.
In order to assessing the eligible costs, we use a series of data, such as for example the bidding price and allocation of the projects, the losses in the different typologies of the works, and the costs of the modified eventualities, complementary works and liquidations.

On the other hand, the analysis corresponding to these deadlines, on the basis of the duration of the work initially expected, evaluates if there are extensions of the deadline or suspensions in the execution of the works, and also the fulfilment of the deadlines established in the Hiring Regulations to carry out final certifications, modifications and to receive the works.
Its reiteration all along various annualities allows, on the other hand, to perform considerations relative to the tendencies appreciated in a series of years, which expands, in our opinion, the interest of the information that our reports contain.