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In the wording of the article of the Regulation of budget execution for this year, relative to the principles of management of internal control activity (the article 53), we wanted to include a section, the eighth, which reads as follows:

  • “8. In the tasks of evaluation and control of budget execution, the Office of Internal Control will also be able to carry out activities of consultative and advisory nature that contribute to the improvement of the management of public funds.”

This precautions are completed with the wish, expressed in our proposed work programme for this year, of developing, within what would be a preventive monitoring, an advisory role in those subjects of evaluation and control that belong to us, without therefore limiting ourselves to tasks purely of inspection in the more strict sense of the expression.

We want, therefore, to assists the members of this organisation in the effective performance of the responsabilities in the subjects above mentioned. Through this kind of activity we expect to, aside from collaborating in the improvement of the management, establish an open and constructive dialogue with the bodies and units audited, which would be able to break the traditional practices of distrust and distance.

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