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In our annual budget execution reports we include rich information relative to the execution of the research budget (sums managed, and budget execution rhythm and degree of implementation, etc., of the diverse management units University Departments, Research Institutes and Services of this University).

The importance that in our institution possesses the credits of research that takes us to provide a detailed vision of the itemisation of the different types of expenditures that the article 68 presents, relative to the research funds. By means of the same are offered the specific expenditures that are in charge of said funds (personnel salaries, equipment and computer programs, perishable goods, expenses, and other publications, etc.).

Furthermore, and from the revenue side, we provide the detail, both at Centres, Institutes, etc. level, and even at Department level, of the different expenditure origins, insisting in particular on the expenditures allocated to research (agreements and research contracts and projects, being at a state level, Europeans or coming from the Valencian Administration).