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The Staff Development and Educational Innovation Service (SFPIE) is the structure of the "Manuel Sanchis Guarner" Centre for Staff Development and Educational Innovation that coordinates staff training initiatives of the UV and innovative educational initiatives. It also serves as a connection between the University of Valencia and non-university education bodies in regard to the training of teachers and for educational research.

In December 2010, the Staff Development Service of the UV, which was established in 1986, merged administratively with the Educational Innovation Unit, created in 2009. Later, the Governing Council of 20 December 2011 approved the change of name of the service to Staff Development and Educational Innovation Service (SFPIE).

Staff development refers specifically to the training of the staff of the University of Valencia. It tries to answer the needs for expansion, specialisation and advanced training of the members of the administrative and service staff (PAS) and the teaching and research staff (PDI) of the UV and non-university teachers. Along with regular supply of specific training activities related to the education and training necessary for each group, the SFPIE also accredits training activities organised by the institutions with cooperation agreements with the UV.

Educational innovation refers to innovative initiatives for teaching improvement developed by professors from the undergraduate and postgraduate studies of the UV, most of which are managed with the grants provided by the Office of the Vice-principal for Lifelong Learning, Educational Transformation and Employability.