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One of the alternatives offered by the Staff Development and Educational Innovation Services (SFPIE) is the "On demand Training". This training focuses on the organisation of activities based on the specific training requests made by the teaching staff of the different campuses, centres, departments, institutes, etc. of the Universitat de València.

Taking into account the characteristics of this training, any group of teachers at the Universitat de València has the option of requesting the SFPIE to organise training activities of interest to them. The aim of this procedure is to adapt the application process to the SFPIE's budgetary and organisational possibilities in order to rationalise:

  • The use of space,
  • Scheduling of training actions and
  • The balance in the attention to the different applicants

With this option the they can request the organisation of training actions that are not included in the ordinary offer but are necessary for the correct development of their functions.

On Demand Training Regulation

Here, you can download the application form that you have to upload to the ENTREU system, to iniciate the process.