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This subject introduced the methods and resources needed for research into the English language and English linguistics. Starting with the general features of the scientific method, a distinction is drawn between qualitative and quantitative research and a link is determined between the method and research aim, question(s) and sample involved. The specific characteristics of methods dealing with written and oral language will be reviewed. As regards digital language, a distinction is made between digitized and natively digital methods. Research from pre-existing and emerging (etic and emic) categories is also reviewed, and students are shown how to design common research tools such as questionnaires or social behaviour(textual, multimodal) tests as well as focus groups, structured and retrospective interviews. ICT tools/resources will be used at all times for bibliographical organisation, compilation and analysis of data and significant interpretation of quantitative data using descriptive and inferential statistics. The use of non-sexist spoken and written scientific language will also be promoted.