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The University of Valencia of today is the outcome of more than five centuries of history that have led to the accumulation of knowledge and unique documentary treasures, making it one of the top Spanish universities.

In the thirteenth century, higher education was established in the city of Valencia thanks to King James I of Aragon who, in 1245, had obtained a Studium Generale institution from Pope Innocent IV. However, not until 30 October 1499 did the Juries of Valencia draw up the Constitutions of what was to become the first University of Valencia: a university authorised by the Papal Bull on 23 January 1501, signed by the Valencian Pope Alexander VI and by the royal privilege of Ferdinand II the Catholic. It was granted on 16 February 1502.

For more than 500 years, the development of the University of Valencia has run in parallel with the development of the city and has been an inextricable part of its urban fabric, creating spaces for teaching, research, creation and dissemination of culture and science as well as knowledge transfer.

Initially dedicated to the studies of medicine, humanities, theology and law, the past two decades have say an accelerated process of transformation and growth, incomparable to earlier periods. This significant effort has turned the University of Valencia into a modern, global university. It has become a leader in the application of new technologies, connected to important international scientific and teaching networks.

The University of Valencia has become one to the top five scientific centres in Spain thanks to the wide range of teaching and research activities offered in all areas of knowledge (basic sciences and engineering, health sciences, educational sciences, humanities and social sciences, economics and law) and its commitment to excellence.


The Interuniversity Institute for Applied Modern Languages (IULMA) is a research institution that comprises the universities of Alicante, Valencia and Castellón in the Valencian Community. IULMA was founded in 2005 and its main purpose is to systematise and disseminate knowledge on modern languages and their specialised discourses and lexis, applied to a variety of professional and academic domains.

More specifically, its activities deal with research on applied languages within academic and professional fields, in response to different needs of the Valencian Community’s industries and institutions. As a result, a series of works have been published during the last ten years including specialised dictionaries on areas such as banking, marketing, tourism as well as the natural stone and the shoe industries. Other publications concern studies on several aspects of discourse and applied linguistics, mostly dealing with English. Conferences on a variety of topics are also organised periodically.

IULMA also offers a University Translation Service that caters for academic translation needs within university departments and lecturers in the three universities.

It has recently launched two collections of e-books, both published by the Publications of the University of Valencia (PUV) service: IULMA-Monographs and IULMA-Dictionaries.