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Description and objectives

The Master’s Degree in Advanced English Studies is a one-year Postgraduate course designed to train students for the multidisciplinary, specialised study of English linguistics, literature and culture. This course responds to the demands of contemporary societies, in particular, demands connected with greater research efforts and professional training related to the advanced knowledge of the English language.

The course introduces the latest relevant theories, methods and analyses concerning the English language, and therefore meets the need for continuing education among professionals – in/outside the academic world - in the field of English studies. The course is structured into three compulsory modules totalling 60 credits. The methodological module includes instruction on research methods and the writing and presentation of academic papers (9 credits); the central module includes a range of 3-credit specialised subjects, while the last module comprises the writing of a master’s dissertation (9 credits) under the guidance of a supervisor. Thus, this course aims to prepare experts and researchers of excellence, who will be able to draw from their learning and transfer their knowledge to applied, neighbouring fields like Teaching English language and linguistics, Teaching the literatures and cultural contexts of English-speaking countries, Researching English language, linguistics, literature and culture of English-Speaking countries, Edition and translation in the field of English studies, Advice on policies on language planning, and Advice and mediation in intercultural, multilingual contexts.

This course further seeks to attain the following objectives:

  1. Develop the necessary skills to deploy current techniques to carry out research in English studies.
  2. Train experts in linguistic and literary methods who will be able to identify problems, design and develop studies, and interpret results that will contribute to the field and solve specific textual and cultural dilemmas.
  3. Promote the use of ICTs and apply them to research, teaching and learning.
  4. Endow students with the ability to understand and appraise the linguistic and cultural dimensions of the English language across discourses.
  5. Introduce students to key issues in current scholarly debates in English applied discourses and literatures.
  6. Introduce students to key socio-historical and socio-cultural aspects surrounding English discourses and literatures.
  7. Develop critical thinking and raise awareness towards social inequalities along the lines of gender, race or class, thus promoting respect for Human Rights.

Upon successful completion of this course, our students will be better equipped to access the academic and scholarly worlds at competitive levels. Additionally, the specialised training in English studies constitutes an unquestionable advantage in today’s professional world.

The Master’s Degree in Advanced English Studies further offers postgraduate students the possibility of applying for a Doctoral Programme.