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Master's Degree in Advanced Physics

The Master in Advanced Physics of the University of Valencia presents a multidisciplinary programme with four specialities: Theoretical Physics, Astrophysics, Nuclear and Particle Physics and Photonics. These specialties match defined fields of physics where there are currently very challenging research topics.

The Master in Advanced Physics is aimed primarily at Physics graduates who wish to complete their educational training with post-graduate studies. Also, it is of particular interest for graduates in Mathematics, who want to specialize in Physics, graduates in Chemistry who want to work in Material Science and Photonics, and engineers interested in specializing in Nuclear and Particle, Photonics and/or Astrophysics technologies.

The Master is organized by the Faculty of Physics and involves essentially professors and senior researchers from the Departments of “Astronomy and Astrophysics”, “Applied Physics and Electromagnetism”, “Atomic, Molecular and Nuclear Physics”, “Theoretical Physics”, “Optics” and the “Instituto de Física Copurscular, IFIC”, all from the University of Valencia. The departments and research institutes participating in the Master in Advanced Physics have research groups nationally and internationally renowned.

The Master of Advanced Physics is the training period of the PhD Program “Física” of the Valencia University. This program was awarded in 2011 with the “Mención para la Excelencia” (MEE2011-0010) by the Ministry of Education (BOE 20/10/2011). The PhD program of “Física” comes from the previous Official Postgraduate Program in Physics of the Valencia University which was granted with the High Quality Mention (“Mención de Calidad”) by the Ministry of Education and Science since its implementation in 2006 (MCD2006‐00575, BOE 30/08/2006), renewed till 2011/12 in 2008 (BOE 12/11/2008). This PhD Program was implemented in 2006-2007 as result of the merger of two doctoral programs also awarded with the High Quality Mention (“Mención de Calidad”) by the Ministry of Education and Science: "Photonics: Fundamentals and Devices" (MCD2004-00158) and "Theoretical Physics, Nuclear and Particle and Astrophysics" (MCD2003-00036).