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The students in the Master in Advanced Physics need to achieve 60 ECTS in any of the four orientations or specialities of the Master:

  • Theoretical Physics
  • Astrophysics
  • Nuclear and Particle Physics
  • Photonics

Each speciality is organized into subjects with several courses constituting coherent units or knowledge. All courses are 6 ECTS long. If the speciality includes compulsory courses, they are grouped into a single subject.

The program is organized in two semesters. The first semester is fully dedicated to academic training and the second one can be considered as an introduction to research. During the first semester students have to achieve 36 ECTS corresponding to the curriculum of each speciality. Depending on the specialty, the student, according to his supervisor, can choose a certain number of ECTS from other specialities, what confers a multidisciplinary aspect to the Master. Since the number of ECTS to achieve during the first semester is greater than half the total ECTS of the Master, the duration of the first semester is slightly longer than 15 weeks.