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This subject represents the first contact of the student with the research work and is addressed to measure the maturity of the student to face a research problem in the field of physics. Final Master's Thesis work will be under the supervision of a director of Master's Thesis, and it will deal with one topic related to the research lines offered by the research groups involved in the Master in Advanced Physics and the Physics PhD program.

The subject of the Final Master’s Thesis will be in close connection with the Speciality and the learning path followed by the student. The content of the Final Master’s Thesis must be a deep study of a topic of interest of the Speciality. It could be either a research work on a specific topic (theoretical, experimental, educational, etc.), or an exploratory work on one or several hot issues in the scientific community, either theoretical or experimental.

The Final Master's Thesis will be submitted to the Regulations of the University of Valencia of approved by the Consell de Govern of the University on May 6, 2009 and the instructions issued by the Academic Coordination Committee of the Master's Degree in Advanced Physics.

The Final Master's Thesis will be held during the second semester. The Academic Coordination Committee of the master will send instructions and recommendations for its preparation and presentation.