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The Master has primarily a research orientation providing the training necessary to perform a task in the field of academic research, private companies or national agencies engaged in research.

This training is strengthened by the presentation of a Final Master Thesis which is carried out in one of the lines offered by the research groups participating in the Master and whose reputation is known nationally and internationally.Therefore, from the standpoint of scientific and academic point of view, the Master's interest is directly related to the training it provides for research in the public and private sectors.

Additionally, from the professional point of view, the significance of the contribution of physics to technological development, and therefore the training of technologists, is crucial in any modern society that wants to base its development on the cutting-edge knowledge.

In this regard it should be noted that many of the lines of research have connection to the social and economic environment of Valencia, being the foundation of initiatives such as the creation of Val Space Consortium (VSC) which includes the Laboratory of Materials for Space Applications, active participation in the Science Park of the University of Valencia and the creation of spin-off companies through research institutes participating in the PhD Program Physics: “Instituto de Física Corpuscular” (IFIC), the “Instituto de Instrumentación para la Imagen Molecular” (I3M), the “Instituto de Ciencias de Materiales de la Universitatd e València” (ICMUV), the “Instituto de Física Médica” (IFIMED) and the “Instituto Tecnológico de Óptica, Color e Imagen”, (AIDO) ...