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The basic research on historical and artistic heritage, valuing works of art as historical facts, is clearly necessary due to some goods which are considered as a distinguishing mark and wealth generators. In Spain, studies on art history as an academic discipline began in 1900 and after successive reforms and from the former specialty in Art History in 1993, licenciatura studies (Spanish former undergraduate degree) and degree studies were implemented in 2009-2010. An own doctorate programme is offered in postgraduate studies since 1986, and another Master's degree own programme from the academic year 2009-2010. This experience has been positively evaluated several times by ANECA, which once distinguished the doctoral program "Art, landscape and visual culture" with a Quality Award (Resolution by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, 2008). Afterwards, that Doctorate became into the interuniversity Master’s Degree in “History of Art and Visual Culture” (UVEG – UJI), currently in force. The interuniversity nature was maintained in the doctorate programme to which the mentioned Master gives access, and in which the Excellence Award of the Doctoral studies in History of Art was obtained for the academic years 2011-2012, 2012-2013-2013-2014 (Resolution from the Ministry of Education).