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Surnames and Name Profile Curricular information
Albamontes Llabrés, Mª Angeles   Clinic psychologist, Psychoanalyst and Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist. Delivering seminars on child psychoanalysis. Child psychopathology professor at the Valencian Psychoanalysis Centre.
Arnais, Vicenç   Psychologist. Former director of the Institute for Child Education of Baleares. Professor at the University of the Balearic Islands.
Atienza-González, Francisco Luis Fitxa Personal

Tenured Professor at the Faculty of Psychology at the Universitat de València. Director of the Department of Psychological Evaluation and Treatment.

Barona Vilar, Jose Luis Fitxa Personal Full University Professor of History of Science, Institute for the History of Science, Universitat de València-CSIC.
Barrachina Segura, Carmen   Dr Psychology. Psychotherapist. University professor UC.
Becerra Gordo, Mercedes   Psychologist. Specialist in Early Childhood Intervention. Detection, diagnosis and treatment in children from 0 to 6 years who suffer or are at risk of suffer any pathology. Working with the families of these children. Co-ordination with the services related with the early childhood.
Benac Prefaci, Mercedes   Former Paediatric Neurologist from the Paediatrics service of the Hospital of Sagunto. Founding Vice-President of ASMI WAIMH Spain.
Bermejo Frigola, Vicente   Clinical psychologist. Mental Health Centre at the Hospital Clínico.
Braconnier, Alain   Head of the Mental Health Service of the ASM 13 in Paris. Professor of Child-teen Psychopathology at the Paris V and VI University.
Brun, Danièle   Emeritus Professor of Perinatal and Child Psychology and Psychopathology at the Paris-Diderot University. Chairperson of the "société de Médecine e Psychanalyse".
Camps Bellonch, Nuria   Clinical psychologist. Director of the Clinical Psychology Service in Puigvert Foundation. Barcelona.
Casanova, Rafaela   Nurse. Specialist in Obstetrical assistance Former adjunct professor in the Nursing School of Alicante.
Charlier, Dominique   Professor of Child Psychopathology at the Catholic University of Lovaine (Belgium). Chief editor in the Journal "Enfances-Adolescences". Founding Chairman of WAIMH-Belga. Member of the Scientific Council of La Lice.
Claramunt Busó, Sergio   Art director of the PayaSOSpital Association in Spain. Professor of several courses taught internationally.
Colomer Revuelta, Julia Fitxa Personal Paediatrics. Tenured Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the UV.
Costas, Carme   Tenured Professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Professor specialist in the Brazelton Neonatal Assessment Scale.
D'Ocon Gimenez, Ana Fitxa Personal Tenured Professor at the Faculty of Psychology at the Universitat de València.
Damonte, Carlos   Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Honorary collaborator in the Chair for Gynaecology at the Faculty of Medicine, Alicante. Postgraduate teaching in psychosomatic gynaecology.
Díez Navarro, Mari Carmen   Teacher. Graduate in Pedagogy. Pedagogic coordinator at the Aire Libre Nursery School.
Díaz Martínez, Amelia Fitxa Personal Tenured Professor in the Department of Psychological Personality, Evaluation and Treatment at the Universitat de València.
Donat Colomer, Joaquín Fitxa Personal Paediatrician. Head of Section of Children’s Oncology at the Hospital Clínico Universitario of Valencia. Assistance to children with onco-hematological diseases. Tenured Professor of Paediatrics at the Faculty of Psychology at the Universitat de València.
Dualde Beltrán, Fernando   Psychiatrist. Psychotherapist. Former coordinator and professor in the training programme for Resident physicians (MIR) at the hospitals of the Valencian region through EVES.
Ferrandiz, Carmen   Clinical and school psychologist. Children/adolescents psychoanalyst.
Fillol Crespo, Manuel   Gynaecologist, head of service of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Hospital La Plana, Vila-Real (Castellón de la Plana).
Ferragud Domingo, Carmel Fitxa Personal Tenure-track 1 professor. Department of History of Science and Documentation. Universitat de València.
Fuentes Durá, Inma Fitxa Personal Tenured Professor at the Faculty of Psychology at the Universitat de València.
Fivaz Depeursinge, Elisabeth   Professor of Clinical ethology at the University of Lausanne Medical School. Co-founder of the Centre d'Etude de la Famille Site de Cery (Switzerland).
García Merita, María Luisa Fitxa Personal Full University Professor. Tenured Professor at the Faculty of Psychology at the Universitat de València.
Gimeno Navarro, Ana   Paediatrics Consultant, Neonatology Service, Hospital Infantil La Fe, Valencia.
Gimillo Asensio, José   Child psychologist at the Hospital Infantil Universitario Niño Jesús (HIUNJS) of Madrid. Psychoanalyst at the Institute of APM.
Golse, Bernard   Head of the Service of Child Psychiatry at the Hospital Necker-Enfants Malades (Paris). Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the René Descartes University. Member of the French Higher Council for adoption. Founding Member of the European Association for Child and Adolescent Psychopathology. Researcher and Thesis director.
González Santana, Antonio   Gynaecologist. Consultant in Procreation. Procreation Medicine Institute of Valencia. EVES Professor-Teaching Unit for Midwifes of Valencia. Prenatal Diagnosis Area and Gynaecological Physiology-Endocrinology.
Guedeney, Antoine   Professor Researcher in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the Faculty of Medicine Xabier Bichat, Denis Diderot University (Paris). He conducts the following Diplomatura (former Spanish undergraduate degree): DU de Psychiatrie périnatale et DU Attachement. Chief editor in the Journal
Guardia Porcar, Montserrat   Ramon Llull University. Barcelona.
Ibáñez Fanes, Margarita   Head of the Service for Child Psychiatry. Professor at the U.B
Izquierdo, Maria Teresa   Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
Keren, Miri   Head of the Service for Child Psychiatry in Tel-Aviv.  Professor in the Department for Child Psychiatry at the Faculty of Medicine in Tel-Aviv. Former President of WAIMH, Israel.
Larbán Vera, Juan   Former Professor in Infant Mental Health in Switzerland. Former responsible for the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service of the Insular Council of Ibiza and Formentera and the Town Councils of the island. Executive advisor and training supervisor in the APFEM Association (Ibiza).
Lasa Zulueta, Alberto   Head of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Service in the Uribe region (Basque Health Service). Tenured Professor of Psychiatry at the Faculty of Medicine at the Universitat de València. Former President of SEPYPNA.
Lila Murillo, Marisol Fitxa Personal Psychologist. Tenured Professor at the Faculty of Psychology at the UV.
Leonhart, Mercé   Psychologist specialist in the development of blind children and children with low vision and in family assistance. Coordinator of Early Assistance at the Joan Amades Resources Centre, ONCE. Barcelona.
Lecannelier Acevedo, Felipe   Psychologist. Director of the Centro de Estudios Evolutivos e Intervención en el Niño (CEEIN). Universidad del Desarrollo. Chile. 
Manzano, Juan   Emeritus Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the Faculty of Medicine of Geneva (Switzerland). Former Physician Professor Specialist in the Service for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University Hospitals in Geneva.
Marcos Méndez, Inma   Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. Responsible for the Infant Mental Health Centre attached to the Hospital Universitario de LA FE. 
Martínez García, Fernando Fitxa Personal Tenured University Professor of Physiology at the Universitat de València. Director of the laboratory of Comparative and Functional Neuroanatomy.
Martino Alba, Ricardo   Paediatrician at the University Child Hospital Niño Jesús of Madrid - Organisation and launch of the Paediatric Palliative Care Unit in the Community of Madrid (2008) - Collaboration with the Master’s degree in Psycho-oncology in the Complutense University of Madrid. 
Mascaró, Rosa   Child Psychiatrist at the Centre Hospitalier Regional universitaire (CHRU) Lille. Director of the Lebovici Space. (France) 
Mellier, Denis   Professor of Psychopathology and Child Clinical Psychology at the Institute of Psychology at the University of Lyon 2. Researcher in early childhood and in perinatology at the Research Centre in Psychology and Clinical Psychopathology at the institute mentioned above.
Mestre Escrivá, María Vicenta Fitxa Personal Psychologist. Full University Professor in Basic Psychology. Vice-Principal at the Universitat de València.
Moro, Rose Marie   Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. Head of the Psychopathology And Adolescent Medicine Service Maison des Adolescents de Cochin – Maison de Solenn. Professeur des Universités (PU-PH) – Université Paris Descartes, Sorbonne Paris Cité.
Missonnier, Sylvain   Clinical psychologist in the Maternity and Paediatrics Service, Camsp Centre Hospitalier de Versailles (Paris). Tenured Professor of Perinatal Psychopathology and Early Childhood at the Psychology Institute of the Paris Descartes University (Paris V). Director of the Research Department. 
Navarro Pardo, Esperanza Fitxa Personal Tenure-track 2 lecturer in the Department of Developmental and Educational Psychology, Universitat de València.
Orazi González, Libertad   Clinical Psychologist. Child psychoanalyst. Coordinator of ASMI in Alicante.
Orellana Alonso, Carmen   Geneticist in the Genetics and Prenatal Diagnosis at the Hospital Universitario La Fe, Valencia. Member of a research group with more than 20 year experience in mental retardation/neurodevelopment disorder and congenital defect studies, both from the point of view of care and research.
Osca Lluch, Julia   Member of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). Specialist in scientific documentation. Development of directories and bibliographical databases and scientific information recovery systems. Bibliometry studies and application of analysis of social networks. 
Palacio Espasa, Francisco   Former Head of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Service at the University Hospitals in Geneva. Former Full University Professor of Child Psychiatry at the University of Geneva. 
Palau Subiela, Pascual   Specialist in Clinical Psychology. Child and baby Psychosomatologist. Hospital consultant in Child and Baby Psychosomatic Pathology and Perinatal Psychopathology in the Paediatrics Service at the Hospital of Sagunto (1997-2009). Scientific advisor at the School of Psychologists of the Valencian Community. Tenured Professor at the Psychosomatics Institute of Paris.
Paricio Talayero, Jose María   Paediatrician, Head of Paediatrics Service at the Hospital Marina of Denia, Alicante. Teacher in courses for promoting breastfeeding. Trainer of trainers in breastfeeding. Respectful care to the new-born. Paediatric emergency. Paediatric transport.
Pedreira, José Luis    Child psychiatrist at the University Hospital Niño Jesús of Madrid. Autonomous University of Madrid. Professor Tutor of the internships at UNED.
Pi Navarro, Vicente    Director of the School Psychopedagogical Service of Torrent. Prevention, curricular adaptations and school learning in TEA students from education field. Providing the professors training on the matter.
Piñeiro Jerico,  Maria Teresa    Medical director of the Pscychopedagogical Medical Centre of Saint Jean de Luz (France). Development of emotional care programmes during pregnancy and postpartum.
Pons Cañavera,  Diana  Fitxa Personal Professor at the Faculty of Psychology at the Universitat de València. Research and teaching in healthy lifestyles and psychologic welfare in adolescents, emotions and efficiency
Pons Salvador, Gemma  Fitxa Personal Psychologist. Tenured Professor. Department of Basic Psychology. Universitat de València.
Ramírez Giménez,  Ana Luisa    Teacher. Consultant in Didactics. Innovation and research projects on Infant-adolescent literature from a multidisciplinary approach.
Rebagliato Ruso,  Marisa    Epidemiologist at the University of Alicante. Biomedical research agreement on Epidemiology and Public Health 
Riera Jaume,  Maria Antonia   Professor at the University of the Balearic Islands. Responsible for the Master’s degree in Early Childhood: Perspectives and lines of action by the University of the Balearic Islands.
Riguetti, Pier Luigi    Clinical psychologist. Professor at the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Padua. 
Robert Tissot,  Christiane    Clinical psychologist. Honorary professor at the University of Geneva.
Romeu Villarroya, Monica    Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Consultant at the Hospital Universitario La FE.
Rosell Clari,  Vicent   Fitxa Personal Psychologist. Tenure-Track 1 Professor at the Faculty of Psychology at the UV.
Rusconi Serpa,  Sandra    Psychiatrist. Professor-researcher at the University of Geneva.
Senent Sánchez,  Joan Maria   Fitxa Personal Tenured university professor at the Universitat de València. Department of Comparative Education and Education History.
Simó Teufel,  Sandra   Fitxa Personal Professor at the Faculty of Psychology at the Universitat de València. Training and development of procedures for observation of early mother-infant interaction. Using observational methodology for the detection of dyads at risk in clinical practice and as a research objective. 
Taberner Navarro,  Carmen    Rehabilitation doctor. Director of the Centre for Early Care of Massamagrell.
Tarragó,  Remei    Professor at the Faculty of Psychology at Blanquerna and Ramon Llull University. Coordinator of psychological work in the UCIN (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) of the Hospital San Pablo de Barcelona. Master’s degree in the Brazelton Scale from the Harvard University. 
Tizón L.,  Jorge   Director of Mental Health Prevention Team and Early Assistance to Patients at Risk of Psychosis at the Catalan Institute of Health of Barcelona. National Prize in Research in Neuropsychiatry. Award for Excellence in Quality Care in Psychiatry and Mental Health. Visiting professor in national and international Universities.
Trojan, Dante    Consultant responsible for the Peri-Hospital Outpatients Unit and Psychoanalytical Treatments Centre. DEA-SPEA. Geneva.
Valle Trapero,  Mercedes    Head of the Psychology and Early Care Unit of the Neonatology Service at the Hospital Universitario San Carlos in Madrid. Professor in several Master’s degrees. 
Vianello Dri,  Valeria    Director of the Department of "Mental Health Department, Child and Adolescent Neuropsychiatry. APSS - Trento (Italy). Agalma Foundation, UNIGE, Psychiatry Department.
Victoria González,  Rosa   Graduate in Pedagogy. Speech therapist specialized in early language assessment and intervention in familiar and school environment. School Psychopedagogical Service V-04: Torrent
Vives Belmonte,  Angels    Director and supervisor in Seminars on families and groups in different hospitals and health centres in Catalonia: Hospital of Sabadell, Sant Pere Claver Hospital, Les Corts Infant-adolescent Mental Health Hospital, L’Hospitalet Mental Health Centre, Sarria Day Centre, Sants Day Centre, Martí-La-Mina Psycho-Social Unit.
Vizziello,  Grazia Maria    Professor and clinical researcher in developmental psychopathology and health at the University of Padua (Italy). Academic Director of the Master’s degree in Parenting.
Zamora Blasco,  Javier   Psychologist EAPS Valencia: Aspanion. 
Ziegenhain,  Ute   Child Psychiatrist. Department of Child Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the Ulm University Hospital, Germany 

*For reasons beyond the Universitat de València and the Organising Committee’s control, the list of professors may undergo some changes along the course.

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