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The kinomichi, Noro method, created in Paris in 1979 by Masamichi Noro, is an art originated in Japan in the Baddish tradition.

Non-competitive sports discipline suitable for all those people who wish to practise it, the Kinomichi is an energetic and dynamic practise which involves screeching where it is also being used the ‘yo’ and the ‘bokken’ as in the Aikido, where it comes from. A sports discipline without competition of Japanese origin. The Kinomichi offers a dynamic experience, an experience to socialise, to foster respect and harmony with the others and with the world, in general. Without races of any kind, and suitable for all ages, participants are encouraged to practise this sport and to develop their skills at their own pace, according to their needs and wishes. The Kinomichi united the Japanese tradition of the Aikido along with the body and energy conjunction found in the new western gymnastic methods often called sweet or holistic gymnastics.

The kimomichi is not a dance despite the fact that it s developed on some similar principles and concepts: screeching, breathing, contact and verticality. It intends to achieve an harmonisation in the movements within a time, a place and energy, it builds in a natural way, a pace and an own cadence.
The Kinomichi challenges us to undertake a personal quest, we do this with our own body and we transmit the movements to other person since this activity is always practised in couples.
this contribution is fundamental for all those people who are interested in movement as a means of communication and expression. This shows us that the energy, must be found within a free and open body so it can go in and go out.
Flow freely. Localising our tensions and blocks make us be aware of our personal biography, and it give us the chance to change it. Those changes will lead us to a continuous state of evolution and development: finding a place that will take us to another place.
The Kinomichi is, above all, a practice.

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