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The art of movement


The Kinomichi, created in Paris in 1979 by Masamichi Noro Sensei, is an art of Japanese origin in the tradition of the Budo. Currently recognized as a sport in France and framed in the FFAAA (Fédération Francaise d'Aïkido, Aïkibudo & Affinitaires) as an independent discipline.

 A non-competitive discipline suitable for all those who wish to practice it, Kinomichi is a dynamic stretching and energetic practice founded on the technique, principles and philosophy of Aikido, where jo (stick) and bokken (wooden sword) are also used like in Aikido. Kinomichi offers an experience of dynamism, openness, respect and harmony with others and with oneself, it is  especially designed to adapt to the age, physical condition and corporal history of each practitioner.



Meeting of East and West

Kinomichi reconciles the Japanese tradition of Aikido and the conjunction of body and energy. An activity with the rigor of a martial art, where the concept defense/attack is replaced by the encounter/harmony.


Complement to other disciplines

Kinomichi's contribution is essential for anyone interested in movement as a means of communication and expression. Therefore recommended as a complement to disciplines such as dance, theater or musical interpretation.


A way for self-awareness

The practice of Kinomichi increases our bodily self-awareness: it allows us to locate our tensions and blockages, it makes us aware of our personal biography, so it offers us the possibility of producing changes and maintaining serenity.

Kinomichi is the art of encounter that can transform your life.



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more info: www.kinomichivalencia.org