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  • Promoting cross-disciplinary research projects
  • Strengthening new research lines on feminism and favouring collaboration and training of research teams.
  • Offering Bachelor’s Degrees, Postgraduate Studies and Third Cycle Programmes from a cross-disciplinary perspective.
  • Organising courses for university professors aiming at a scientific update; reviewing teaching materials in force and promoting the creation and use of non-sexist materials.
  • Collaborating and assessing academic institutions not to include sexist content in all curricular non-university teaching areas and favouring actions which leads to co-education.
  • Stablishing scientific cooperation relations with other national or international University Institutes as well as related entities and centres.
  • Maintaining and strengthening relations with other non-academic institutions.
  • Disseminating IUED’s activities and studies through periodical publications, organization is seminars and conferences and participation in congresses.
  • Carrying out, with public or private entities, activities with scientific, technical or academic interest as well as specialisation, update or training courses.