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LOU - BOE nº 307, of December 24, 2001:

Article 13. Governing bodies and representation of public universities.
The bylaws shall establish the applicable electoral norms, which shall promote the balanced presence between women and men in the collegiate bodies.

Article 27. Governing bodies and representation of private universities.

1. The rules of organization and operation of private universities shall establish their governing and representation bodies, as well as the procedures for their designation and removal, ensuring in said bodies, through adequate participation, the representation of the different sectors of the university community in a way that promotes a balanced presence between women and men.

Article 27 bis. General Conference of University Policy.

1. The General Conference of University Policy, without prejudice to the functions attributed to the university coordination bodies of the Autonomous Communities, is the organ of coordination, coordination and cooperation of the general university policy to which the functions of:

e) Coordinate the preparation and follow-up of reports on the application of the principle of equality of women and men in the university.

Article 41. Promotion of scientific development research and technological innovation in the University.

1. The University will develop quality research and effective management of the transfer of knowledge and technology, with the objectives of contributing to the advancement of knowledge and technological development, innovation and competitiveness of companies, quality improvement of citizenship life, economic and social progress and responsible equitable and sustainable development, as well as guaranteeing the promotion and achievement of equality.

2. Research teams will be encouraged to develop their professional career by fostering a balanced presence between women and men in all areas.

Article 45. Scholarships and study grants

1. In all cases, special attention will be given to people with family responsibilities, victims of gender-based violence and people with dependency and disability, thus guaranteeing their access and permanence to university studies.

Article 46. Rights and duties of students
1. Equal opportunities and non-discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, religion or disability or any other personal or social condition or circumstance in university access, admission to centers, permanence in the university and exercise of their academic rights .
2. Receive non-sexist treatment

Article 57. National accreditation

1. By regulation, the composition of the commissions regulated in this section, the form of determination of its components, as well as its procedure of action and the deadlines to resolve will be established. In any case, it must comply with the principles of impartiality and professionalism of its members, ensuring a balanced composition between women and men, unless it is not possible for well-founded and objective reasons, duly motivated.

Article 62. Contests for access to places of university teaching bodies

1. The statutes of each university will regulate the composition of the selection commissions of the places summoned and will guarantee, in any case, the necessary scientific and teaching aptitude of its components. This composition must conform to the principles of impartiality and professionalism of its members, ensuring a balanced composition between women and men, unless it is not possible for well-founded and objective reasons. In any case, the members of the commissions must meet the requirements indicated in article 57.2 and their curricula must be made public.


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