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The University Institute for Women's Studies of the Universitat de València (IUED) is an interdisciplinary research institute formed by professors, researchers and graduate students, which also has the collaboration of other teaching and research staff with which it has scientific relations and shares projects or research lines.

The IUED collaborates with academic and institutional entities: the Institute of Women (Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality), General Directorate of Women of the Valencian Department of Social Welfare (Valencian Government), the University Association for Women Studies (AUDEM), Ediciones Cátedra (Col·lecció Feminismes) and several Spanish, European and American Universities.

Internal Organisation of the Institute

The Institute is formed by the teaching staff of the Universitat de València, the affiliated researchers, the students of third cycle that is related to the research lines of the Institute and the administrative and service staff.

On the other hand, the Institute collaborates with all those professors and researchers who are closely associated with the Institute, with the intention of favouring exchanges, establishing scientific relations and maintain projects or specific research lines.