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Feminismos y antifeminismos. Culturas políticas e identidades de género en la España del siglo XX.

Ana Aguado and Teresa Mª Ortega

Publications of the Universitat de València and the University of Granada. 2011.

Feminisms and anti-feminisms is an ambitious monograph that presents, by the hand of renowned experts, the relations between gender identities and political cultures that happened in the Spain of the 20th century.

Their authors have delved into questions links to practices and symbolic representations around gender, and also analysed aspects relative to the social and cultural changes and to the transformation of the political-public space.

They also bring up new questions on the answers –feminists and anti-feminists– that the Spanish women offered, individually and collectively, before the persistence of traditional and preconceived gender roles, or before the apparition of new models, representations and gender practices present in the speeches elaborated by some political cultures of overwhelming male dominance.

Its adaptation, assumption and sometimes resistance to the classical sexual division propitiated, on the one hand, the appearance of conflicting situations by the part of some non-conformist women with the given reality and, on the other hand, the emergency from social and political practices and from personal experiences, of new political cultures.

El siglo XX en femenino. Ellas piden la voz y la palabra.

Documentary produced by the University Institute for Women’s Studies and directed by Ana Aguado, in the year 2000.

Script: Ana Aguado Higón, full university professor and member of the Institute.
Film: Carmen Álvaro, Rafael Maestre, Pilar Martorell and Pilar Molina.
Subsidies: Women’s Institute. Ministry of Social Affairs
Valencian Department of Business, University and Sciences.

This document wants to contribute to the visibility of the history of women, to the knowledge of the historical female experience through the testimony, the life stories, the voices and the words of women that have lived the most significant decades of the 20th century in Spain.

The Second Spanish Republic, the Spanish Civil War and the post-war era are narrated by women by this representation of a generation of women that we wanted to recover for the posterity, for History.

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