The new Erasmus + program

The Erasmus + program for 2014-2020 came into force on January 1, 2014 . It is part of the 2020 Europe strategy, the 2020 Education and Training strategy and the Rethinking Education strategy and includes all initiatives in education, training, youth and sport.

In education includes all levels : school , vocational training, higher education and adult education .

Erasmus + integrate existing programs in the Lifelong Learning Programme and the international higher education programs : Mundus , Tempus , Alfa , Edulink and bilateral programs , in addition to the Youth in Action Programme .

This new program focuses on the formal and informal learning beyond EU borders, with a clear commitment to internationalization opening to third countries in order to improve educational and training capacities of people for the employability of students, teachers and workers.This initiative looks to enhace interest about having a mobility staying either in Europe (Through Erasmus Studies Programme) or in other continents (through International Programme) or in Spain (throug SICUE Programme)

General Information for 2014-2015

Presentation shown at the Informative Sessions held at the Faculty of Medicine and Odonthology last February.

The Erasmus programme is a European Union programme which gives students the opportunity to pursue studies at another university within the European Union (EU) or within the European Higher Education Area. Access to Your Europe, the European Union's official website for people travelling in the 27 countries of the EU.

XI Internacional Week. Universitat de València

The XI International Programme took place in November the 11th. During that week, The Servei de Relacions Internacionals i Cooperació (International Relations and Cooperation Service), along with every Faculty ans School, showed to all interested students how students exchange programmes will work for mobilities in academic year 2014-2015.

Every student was encouraged to attend the activities that  stimulated him/her to enjoy one of the programmes.

Activities held:

Slides presentation shown at the informative sessions:

Presentació informativa XI Setmana Internacional

 Mobility Programmes information

Requirements for Admission to the Erasmus Study Programme (Outgoing Students):

  • You are a citizen of a member state of the European Union or hold a residence for Spain during the mobility period.
  • You are enrolled in an official degree at the University of Valencia by the time of application and during the mobility period.
  • You already have completed 42 ECTS credits in undergraduate degrees or 60 ECTS in five-year degrees (Licenciaturas) when you apply for the Erasmus study programme.
  • It does exist a bilateral agreement for your degree between the host institution and the University of Valencia.
  • You NEVER ever participated in an ERASMUS Studies programme before.
  • You are not participating in the AY 2014-2015 in any other mobility programme (SICUE, Erasmus or International Programme); except the Erasmus Placement Programme
  • Your meet the specific requirements set by the host institution in addition to the general requirements of the University of Valencia.

Selection Criteria

The Mobility Comission in each Faculty or School has set the ranking criteria. They must take into account, at least, the following ones: average grade and number of credits already passed at the end of previous academic year, to be enrolled in an ARA (High academic Performance Programme), participation in mentors programme and laguage skills higher than required.

Possible Destinations and Length of Stay

Students can apply for universities having a bilateral agreement with the University of Valencia. The duration of the mobility depends on the month established in the bilateral agreement between the universities: one semester or a full AY. Please check the available destinations listed on the Portal Serveis Studiants. To display the possible destinations choose the faculty and the degree and then tick "mostrar".

Erasmus Coordinator professors

Before choosing a destination, you may consult your coordinator in case of any academic doubts concerning the studies abroad.

Faculty Coordinator professors

Each faculty participating in the exchange program has a faculty coordinator who promotes the program and enhances the mobility. He/she is the responsible for the mobility at your faculty and if your degree coordinator is absent the faculty coordinator will assume his/her responsibilities. 
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