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When should I renew my Alumni fee?

  • If you have the direct debit for the fee, you will receive an SMS and an email one month before the date the payment corresponds. If you have to inform us about any change, you have enough time to do it. Do not forget to check your email!
  • If you do not have direct debit for the fee, you will also receive an SMS and an email on the 1st of the month in which the payment corresponds. You can make it effective before the last day of this month.

How can I make the payment? 

  • Cash Payment You can go to the offices of Alumni, at c/Amadeu de Saboya, 4, and pay the fee in cash or with card.
  • Transfer Payment You can also make a transfer to the account number of Irecaja ES36 2085 9354 3303 3022 2875, and send the proof of payment to

Data necessary to make a transfer from abroad. 

  • Ibercaja_IBAN ES36 2085 9354 33 0330222875
  • Account holder: Fundació General Universitat de València

Set up direct debit for the fee Finally, you can download the specific document for the domiciliation of the fee and send it signed to

Types of fees

  •  Annual fee: 42.00€
  • Reduced fee: 32.00 € (unemployed, person with disability, older than 65 years old and retired o pre-retired, large family)
  • Free fee: 0.00€ (newly qualified students, postgraduate studies of Universitat de València and Adeit postgraduate)