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These are the advantages of being part of the group of Collaborating Companies of the Alumni UV collective.

- You will be able to contact the Professional Placement and Careers Advice  Monitoring Centre of the Universitat de València (UVJob), which has students and former students who are unemployed or want to improve their professional and work opportunities.

OPAL offers:

  •    To be able to participate in the Feria de Ocupación
  •     Diffusion of employment offers
  •     Access to their job vacancies
  •     Internships for foreigners in your company
  •     Internships of students in your company
  •     Counselling on OPAL recruitment processes
  •     Diffusion of employment offers

- You will be able to make your company known within the university community, reach the whole Universitat and use its entire  network (press, media, web, social media, etc.).

- You will be able to strengthen your links with the Universitat de València and benefit from the prestige of being linked to this institution.

- Your company will be included in the web's Alumni UV benefits catalogue in order to be consulted it by anyone interested.

- The collective is made up of almost two thousand people, to whom it will be possible to send periodic promotions and/or offers. The delivery of this information will be done by means of the electronic bulletin that it is sent every fifteen days to its members.

- The company will have a specific space on the collective's website, with the indication of the agreement terms that has been reached and a direct link to its website because users can be informed of all its products.

- The company will be able to make public the collaboration agreement with the Universitat de València both to its associates and to the media.

- The Alumni UV collective engages to spread among its members the image of the company and its services through the resources considered appropriate. Your contact details will also be provided.

- From the moment the agreement is signed, the company engages to integrate the brand image of Alumni UV in the section of the collaborating entities, including any support that may refer to the entities that collaborate with the company.

- The companies will not have at any time the databases of the members of the group, the communication between them and these will be done through the General Foundation. However, companies will have access to a web app where they will be able to check the active or inactive status of a collective member.