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The Alumni collective of Universitat de València takes up the project ‘Espacio de Intercambio’ (Exchange’s Space) turned now to ‘Cercle d’Amics’ (Circle of Friends), an initiative that tries to benefit its members with new financial advantages, as well as deepening the relations among members, promoting the communication and the exchange.

To take part in Cercle d’Amics, collective members, who have a small company, have to make contact with the group’s administration to make their proposition: the members of Alumni can make use of those advantages offered by the company through the collective, becoming in a partner company of Alumni.

The aim is establishing the collaboration between both entities and working together for the benefit of all members. So that, one of the main action strand of the collective is: getting advantages for all the members.

Contact details:

Phone: 96 353 10 70
Fax: 96 398 30 47