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Presentation of the book "Contra la sostenibilidad" by Andreu Escrivà

  • May 12nd, 2023
Presentation of the book

The CSIC Casa de la Ciència in Valencia hosts the presentation of "Contra la sostenibilidad", the latest book by environmentalist Andreu Escrivà. The event will be held on Wednesday May 17 at 19h and is organized by the I2SysBio on the occasion of the visit of the students of the Master in Integrative Synthetic Biology (MISB, CSIC-UIMP).

The book "Contra la sostenibilidad" (Arpa, 2023) is a well-founded critique of a term that, instead of making us progress towards the future, takes us away from it with false promises of change. The circular economy, carbon neutrality, the electric car or green finance are just some of the foundations on which sustainability is built, but which have become just another element of corporate and institutional marketing. The author argues that to build a new world and recover the future we need to dismantle the economic, environmental and social scaffolding on which sustainable development is based.

Andreu Escrivà holds a degree in environmental sciences and a PhD in biodiversity from the University of Valencia. Winner of several poetry and narrative awards, Escrivà is best known for his tireless work in environmental education. He is the author of the books "Aún no es no tarde" (PUV, 2018), with which he won the 2016 Estudi General science popularization award, and "Y ahora yo qué hago" (Capitán Swing 2020).

Andreu Escrivà will talk with Sara Moreno, researcher in science communication at the Universitat de València and communication technician at the Fisabio Foundation.

The event will take place in the Assembly Hall of the Casa de la Ciència (C. Batlia, 1. Plaça de la Verge, València), on Wednesday, May 17 at 7 pm. Admission is free until full capacity is reached.