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The on-site learning phase of the Winter School “Bernhard Wilpert” organised by the Erasmus Mundus WOP-P takes place in the Centre of Gandia (CG-UV).

The Master’s Degree EM in WOP-P is imparted by the consortium of five European Universities (Barcelona, Bologna, Coïmbra; Paris-Descartes and Valencia) in collaboration with two associated non-European universities (Universidade de Brasília and University of Guelph). It is coordinated by a team of professors of the Faculty of Psychology and the University Institute IDOCAL of the Universitat de València (www.uv.es/idocal), which is entirely taught in English.

The education of the “Joint Intensive Learning Unit” of the Master’s Degree EM in WOP-P has three phases: the first one is working in virtual teams made up by people of different universities and countries. The second phase is on-site at the Centre of Gandia of the Universitat de València. The third phase is a final integration work online through the Virtual Classroom of the Universitat de València.

The main objective of the Winter School is developing the professional competences (knowledge, abilities and behaviours) for designing the lines of action for the Organisational Development and the Human Resources in an international context in an approach that combines the global and the local perspective.

The chart of professors is formed by prestigious researchers, academicians and professionals such as Robert Roe (O. Maastricht, NL and President of the European Federation of Psychology Associations), Rob Briner (University of Bath, UK), David Guest (Kings College of London, UK), Neil Anderson (Brunel University, UK), Dirk Steiner (Université de Nice), Eric Andriessen (Technische Universiteit Delft)) and Fred Zijsltra (Universiteit Maastricht). It is coordinated by the professors of the Research Institute IDOCAL José M. Peiró, Isabel Rodríguez (UV), Vicente Martínez-Tur (UV), Esther Gracia (UV), Vincent Rogard (Paris-V) and Salvatore Zappalà (Università di Bologna).