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Our aim is to offer an integrated service to the agro-biotechnological production chain. The Vegetal Production unit provides services to all the agents involved in the innovation process, from researchers at the University of Valencia, other universities and research centres, to companies and public-private partnerships oriented towards technological research. To this end, we provide users with the infrastructure (cultivation spaces for rent), plant production techniques and specialised personnel to carry out research and development projects with plants, including genetically modified plants.

Rental of plant cultivation facilities

  • Standard greenhouse cabin.
  • Standard greenhouse cabin with humidifier and/or thermal shock.
  • Greenhouse cabin with Biological Containment Level 1 (NCB1).
  • Greenhouse cabin with Biological Containment Level 1 (NCB1), with humidifier and/or thermal shock.
  • Greenhouse cabin with Biological Containment Level 1 and carbon fertilisation.
  • Outdoor cultivation area (space available for indoor users only).

Rental services include a number of basic maintenance tasks carried out by the unit’s staff:

  • Reception of plant material.
  • Management and maintenance of the facilities.
  • Management of the environmental conditions of cultivation at optimum levels or those defined by the user.
  • Basic management of irrigation and fertilisation: automated irrigation 365 days a year.
  • Monitoring of the state of the plants.
  • Biological and integrated control of pests and diseases.
  • Trellising

Specific maintenance

  • Integrated production of plant species (including plants with GMOs) and establishment of crops for experimental and other scientific and/or educational purposes, both for the complete development of the crop cycle and the different vegetative phases.
  • Specific maintenance for the development of each experiment: specific irrigation, sterilisation of substrates, support tasks, application of experimental treatments (fertilisers, phytosanitary products, etc.), harvesting of plant material, among others.
  • Maintenance in quarantine of plant material for scientific and/or educational purposes, as well as variety selection or breeding trials, authorised in biosafety level 1 facilities.
  • Containment of genetically modified plants type 1, plants with specific plant pathogens and parasites (except polyphagous pathogens), authorised in biological containment level 1 facilities.


  • Technical advice on the planning and experimental design of the cultivation of plant species.
  • Advice on the ideal growing conditions during the development of the experiment and biological cycle.
  • Technical support for scientific research, providing material and human resources for the development of applied research projects and technology transfer in plant production.
  • Advice on plant health and production as well as on modern crop technologies applied to research: integrated production, soilless crops, transgenic plant crops, biotechnology applied to crop protection and nutrition.

Other services

  • Development of methodologies for obtaining vegetal materials: respectful cultivation systems.
  • Equipment optimisation and energy resources.
  • Supply and management of the acquisition of specific consumables (substrates, containers, labels, etc.) for the establishment and maintenance of crops.
  • Photo-documentation service: digital monitoring of the crop.
  • Issuance of a final abridged report describing the growing conditions.
  • Technical collaboration with the university community in courses, teaching practices, conferences (degrees, masters and others).
  • Dissemination aimed at the university community.