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Proteomics is a relatively recent scientific discipline whose objective is the study of proteome. Compared with the genome, tproteome represents a higher level of the complexity for its dynamism and variability. While genome is a single species, proteome depends on the cell type and its relationship with the environment in which it is found, changing rapidly in response to its interaction with the environment. Among these variations there are both changes in the concentrations of proteins and in the levels of post-translational modifications. This complexity and dinamism require the use of high-precision analytical techniques, sensitivity and high efficiency which allow the identification, quantification and characterisation of a great number of proteins. The technological basis for proteomics is the mass spectrometry. The relationship between both is such that new technological developments in mass spectrometry determine to a large extent the proteomics advances. The necessary instrumentation has a high cost and requres highly qualified personnel. For this reason, most of researchers gain access to the proteomics techniques through central services financed by universities and research centres.
The proteomics section of the University of Valencia aims at offering the scientific community a complete technological infrastructure in the field of proteomics. In this sense, the University of Valencia has provided to the proteomics Section with latest generation technology in separating proteins and mass spectrometry, as well as the necessary personnel, in order to offer the researchers new proteomics advances. In this way the identification of proteins and the characterisation of post-translational modifications can be carried out with a higher sensitivity and efficacy, significantly increasing the covering of the proteome susceptible to study. Consequently, the studies of differential expression of proteins are more decisive and complete. With the available instrumentation we can deal with both experiments of proteomics targeted and absolute quantification by means of the analysis by QTRAP and the obtaining of molecular images by means of MALDI-TOF MS. Besides technological improvements, the proteomics Section has bioinformatics tools in order to analyse and integrate the generated experimental data.
The aim of this joint effort is to provide the necessary support to researchers in order to extract biologically relevant information of their proteomics experiments.

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