Joan de la Vega, winner of the X Prize for Poetry Cesar Simon

Joan de la Vega.

The jury of the X Prize for Poetry Cesar Simon (University of Valencia - Editorial Denes), composed by Lola Andrés, Juan Pablo Zapater, Laura Giordani, Jesús Dominguez and Begoña Jiménez Pozo, meeting in Valencia on 13 September 2013, granted the award for poems entitled “Y tú, Pirene” (And you, Pyrene), authored by Joan de la Vega.

Of a total of thirty-three poems presented, the jury unanimously awarded the prize to a collection of poems that highlights "for his great consistency, with very strong images. Many of his poems, beyond a perfect fit in the whole text, come to constitute short poems themselves. A deep voice showing his mastery of language and poetic device that hits the sensitivity of the reader into the depths, without resorting to shrillness ". It seems therefore that 'Y tú, Pirene' (And you, Pyrene) is a collection of poems that "as good mountain, displays different faces for the trip, three vital and petically unique regions: white light, almost blinding, the top in ' Con ojos de nieve'(With snowed ayes) descent, the darkness of 'Bajo tierra' (Underground), ending with the singing to strings stretched by others, those without any rise would be unthinkable."

According to the jury is a high voltage book that oozes poetic love for nature and manages to turn the inert landscape. A book written with the patience and solitude of the goldsmith, but without barroquisms and unnecessary ornaments. A contemplative and meditative poems at a time, observing nature and merging with it. Some verses in which the words are sought and rub as flints, raising an illuminating spark. A climber's song who loves and decrypts the mountain and then tries to understand himself. In short, a book of great quality and beauty where the mixture of languages ​​and different poematic structures coexist naturally. Verses naked and forceful. Poetry gives us images like this: “un valle concede / infinitos indicios / por donde sucumbe / la eternidad” (a valley grants / infinite signs / where succumbs / eternity)


This edition represents the consolidation of an award that has reached the tenth edition and adds to its list of winners the voice of Joan de la Vega, poet and editor in Santa Coloma de Gramenet (1975) and who directs the publishing house La Garúa libros since 2004. He is the author of 'intihuatana' (Barcelona, Seuba Editions, 2002), 'Ladino' (Gijón, Trea, 2006) which brings together the first three books‘Intihuatana’ (‘Sin lugar a luz’) -No place for light-, ‘Ixtab’ (‘La soga en el ojo’) -the rope in the eye- and ‘Ipalnemoani’ (‘Por quien vivo’) -Who I live for-; ‘Trilces Trópicos. Poesía emergente en Nicaragua y El Salvador’ -emerging poetry in Nicaragua and Salvador- (Barcelona, La Garúa, 2006), ‘La montaña efímera’ -the ephemeral mountain- (Paralelo Sur, Barcelona, 2011), ‘Una luz que viene de fuera’ -A light coming from the outside- (Paralelo Sur, Barcelona, 2012), and ‘365 haikus y un jisey’ -haikus and a deathe poem- (Rúbrica editorial, El Prat de Llobregat, 2012). Some of his poems have been included in ‘Campo abierto. Antología del poema en prosa en España 1990-2005’ -Open field. Anthology of the poem in prose in Spain 1990-2005- (Barcelona, DVD Ediciones, 2005), ‘Pájaros raíces, en torno a José Ángel Valente’ -Roots birds around José Ángel Valente- (Abada Editores, 2010) and magazines such as ‘Alhucema’, ‘Turia’, ‘Piedra del Molino’, ‘Vulcane’, ‘Paralelo Sur’, ‘Nayagua’ and ‘Letra Internacional’.

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