'Espectre Visible' Contest

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Schedule: From 27 july 2020 to 15 october 2020. Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday at 00:00 to 23:59.


Place: Online https://anfedea.blogs.uv.es/


The collective Espectre Visible of the Universitat de València, with the collaboration of the Diversitats programme, announces the Espectre Visible competition, aimed at artistic production for the visibility of affective-sexual and gender diversity in the field of science.


The aim of this contest is to promote the artistic production on LGTB+ realities in science and the visibility of figures of the collective in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).


  • Proposals may be submitted by any individual. 
  • Each participant may submit a maximum of three works. 
  • The works submitted may deal, on the one hand, with the visibility of affective-sexual and gender diversity in scientific fields, or, on the other hand, with the role of people from the collective who have played a relevant role in the STEM. The works presented must be unpublished.
  • All kinds of techniques and styles can be used and presented in digital format. If videos are submitted, they may not exceed one minute in total. The format will be 1 x 1 (square format).

Submission of applications

The work and documentation will be submitted electronically by completing the following questionnaire:


The deadline for receipt of proposals is from 27 July 2020 up to and including 15 October 2020.

In addition to the work, it must be submitted:

  • Title of the work
  • Brief description
  • Brief justification of the adequacy to the objective of this call
  • Contact details (name, surname, telephone number and e-mail address) of the person presenting the work
  • Express authorisation signed by the contestant authorising the reproduction, distribution and public communication of the works, whether or not they are awarded prizes. 

The documentation can be submitted in Valencian or Spanish.


It will be granted: 

  • A first prize of two hundred euros (200 euros), for the best proposal among all those submitted.
  • A second prize of one hundred euros (100 euros), to the second best proposal among all those submitted.
  • Three runners-up prizes of seventy-five euros (75 euros) for the works that stand out for their quality and have not been awarded in any of the previous sections.
  • A special prize of two hundred euros (200 euros) will be given to one of the selected works, to later design the logo of the Espectre Visible collective.

The works will be valued for their artistic quality, suitability to the subject matter and originality. The selected works will try to represent the different realities of the LGTB+ collective in science, especially those that are more invisible.

Both the prizes and the runners-up may be deserted due to lack of quality or quantity of the works submitted.

All the works will be exhibited both in web format and in the official Instagram account of the Espectre Visible collective.

Composition of the Jury

The jury will consist of:

  • Three (3) members of the Visible Spectre collective
  • A member of the Teaching and Research Staff
  • A person with experience in artistic production

Gender parity will be guaranteed in the constitution of the jury.


The jury's verdict will be announced on October 21. The winners will be notified by e-mail and will have 7 days to indicate to Espectre Visible the details of the bank account where they wish to receive the deposit.

This activity is part of the program "Benvinguda diversitat" (Valencian for Welcome Diversity) which is a project that is part of the Benvinguda a la Universitat, organised by the Students' Delegation through the Sedi. Benvinguda is a meeting point for the university community that includes music, theatre, art, etc. This year, the diversity programme includes the activities selected in the first edition of the call for grants for the implementation of socio-cultural activities in the field of equality in diversity, which will take place during the months of September to November 2020.

Organized by:

Contact: espectrevisible@gmail.com

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