Cover of the book ‘La trenza’ , by Laetitia Colombani
AlumniUV: Quijote Reading Club

This session will be on the novel ‘La trenza’ , by Laetitia Colombani.


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With almost half a million copies sold in France and almost thirty ongoing translations, La trenza was an editorial phenomenon in 2017. In this vibrant and moving narration, Laetitia Colombani, renown screenwriter, director and actress, tells the stories of three women, born on very different continents, who share ideas and feelings that unite them in a powerful yearning for freedom.

Smita, Giulia and Sarah do not know each other, but they share the drive and tenacity of women who reject the future they have been assigned and rebel against the circumstances that oppress them. Like invisible threads, their paths intertwine, forming a braid (trenza) that symbolises the indestructible will to live with hope and illusion.


Date 5 march 2024 at 18:00 to 19:00. Tuesday.


Gonzalo Montiel Room (La Nau Cultural Centre)

Universitat, 2

Valencia (46003)

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