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Comic's presentation. ''Hypatia: The truth in mathematics''


Date: 13 june 2018 at 18:00 to 19:30. Wednesday.


Place: Instituto de Historia de la Medicina y la Ciencia "López Piñero". Palau de Cerveró. Sala de conferencias.


On Wednesday 13 June 2018 at 18:00 the comic strip "Hipatia. The truth in mathematics", by the author Jordi Bayarri, at the Institute of History of Medicine and Science "López Piñero" of the University of Valencia. The event will be attended by the cartoonist and scriptwriter of the comic strip, Jordi Bayarri, and the documentary maker of the work, Tayra Lanuza, a science historian and currently visiting researcher at the institute.

"Hipatia. La verdad en las matemáticas" is the seventh issue of the Scientific Collection, the series of comic books on the History of Science that this team has been publishing for some years now. The comics are made by Jordi Bayarri, author and editor of comics, colored by Dani Seijas, and documented and supervised by Tayra Lanuza, PhD in

history of science.

Jordi Bayarri defends with this collection the value of comics as an educational tool, by combining image and text, explaining how through comics any kind of information can be transmitted in an entertaining and entertaining way, thus facilitating the understanding of Bayarri's content. Bayarri relies on this format to create the'Scientific Collection' directed by

he previous volumes, centred on the scientific biographies of Darwin, Galileo, Newton, Marie Curie, Ramón y Cajal and Aristotle, have sung to all kinds of readers.

In this new volume, the Valencian artist discovers the scientific activity of Hipatia in Alexandria in the fourth century, showing the ancient Library of Alexandria, and what life was like for young students of mathematics and philosophy in the city of Alexander the Great. The play explains to the little ones (and not so much to the little ones) how Hipatia wanted to learn and get to the truth, and how for her the best way to achieve it was through mathematics.

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