Migrating Vignettes
Exhibition ‘Migrating Vignettes. Comic, migrations and memory’

This exhibition is born from the desire to make visible how, in recent years, the comic has been a medium committed to such a complex reality, so close to the reality of the world


The exhibition is divided in three sections: El exilio, Del gran trauma al underground, and Migraciones españolas (Exile, From great trauma to the underground, and Spanish Migrations). It shows a large variety of points of view from the period between Spanish Civil War and current time, linking last decades authors’ vital and artistic experience to the work of contemporary drawers and scriptwriters who have captured these realities in their comics. For example, in the first area, Josep Narro and Josep Bartolí's portrayal of Republican exile and the French concentration camps are contrasted with some of the comics that, like Antonio Altarriba and Kim's El arte de volar, and Paco Roca's Los surcos del azar, have become contemporary classics on the Spanish Civil War.


ScheduleFrom 29 february 2024 to 19 april 2024. Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday at 18:30 to 20:00.


Gandia International Centre. Sala Tossal

Tossal 8

Gandia (46702)

Organized by

Aula Didàctica Diàspora de la Mediterrània

Conselleria d'Educació, cultura i Esport

Centre Internacional de Gandia de la UV

Regidoria de cultura de l'Ajuntament de Gandia.



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