23 de noviembre: elecciones de estudiantes al Claustro, juntas de centro y ADR
Student elections for the University Senate, Board of Centres and the Student Council Branch of the Centre (ADR) on 23 November

On 23 November, students of the Universitat de València are summoned to elect the 75 student representatives for the University Senate, the highest representation body of the university community. In addition, the elections for the Board of Centres are also being celebrated at the same time. In some faculties, the elections for the Student Council Branches of the Centres (ADR) are also held on the same day. 

The electoral campaign will launch the next Tuesday, and will end on 22 November. During this period, a debate among the main student candidates for the University Senate will be held, on Thursday, 16 November, in the Aulario III of Blasco Ibáñez Campus. The debate, promoted by the Student Council Branch, organized by SeDi Information and Promotion Service and produced by TAU (UV’s Audiovisual Workshop), will also be available live online (access from this link).

The voting day, 23 November, the students will be able to exercise their voting right at the polling stations of their centre from 10:00 to 19:00. In order to vote, the elector will have to come to the Faculty or School with their official personal identification document. Students will also have the option of early voting, whether it is in-person or through another person, up until 22 November at 14:00. 


Date From 10 november 2023 to 23 november 2023. 24h. Every day.


Place Universitat de València

Organized by

Electoral Board and SeDi Information and Promotion Service.



Contact participa@uv.es

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