Unisocietat Conferences in Gandia

Conferencias Unisocietat Gandia

Schedule: From 12 february 2020 to 13 may 2020. Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday at 19:00 to 20:30.


Place: The UV Centre of Gandia


This conferences, open to the general public, are organised by the Office of the Vice-Principal for Territorial Projection and Society within the Unisocietat programme.

The planned programme for this winter/spring period is:


A medio camino entre Saguntum, Valentia y Edeta: la villa romana de L’Horta Vella (Halfway between Saguntum, Valentia and Edeta: the Roman villa of L'Horta Vella) by Professor of Prehistory in the UV, José Luís Jimenez.

11th MARCH:

Marketing en el hipermercado. ¿Cuánto de más compraste? (Hypermarket marketing. How extra did you buy?) by Carmen Pérez Cabañero, Marketing Professor at the UV.

22nd APRIL:

¿Influyen nuestros genes en nuestros patrones de alimentacion? (Do our genes influence our eating patterns?) by Dolores Corella, Professor of  Preventive Medicine and Public Health at the UV.

15th MAY:

China, pasado y presente: El futuro entre Occidente y Oriente (China, past and present: the future between East and West) by Gabriel Terol, coordinator of the Teaching Unit in East Asian Studies of the UV.

Organized by:

The UV Centre of Gandia

Office of the Vice-Principal for Territorial Projection and Society.



Contact: uvgandia@uv.es